Worldwide 24/7 service

Simplex products are recognized as world leaders in their field, and we are proud to be SKF Marine GmbH ‘s service agent and partner in Sweden. If you are in need of emergency service or scheduled maintenance, contact us today, and we’ll be there to assist you.

We offer unparalleled support through the entire lifecycle of our products, with 24/7 availability around the globe. Our comprehensive services range from free pre-purchase consultations to urgent repairs, ensuring you receive the support you need without any false promises.

We understand the critical importance of a dependable service partner and commit to living up to our promise of constant availability. Trust us to provide the reliable, around-the-clock assistance you need.

  • Initial consultation

    Free initial consultation, including planning and technical assistance for both new constructions and retrofitting projects.

    Tight collaboration with both the client and shipyard throughout the construction phase.

    Guidance on local laws and standards, specifically for Swedish and Nordic maritime areas.

    First-time installation of equipment.

    Startup and operational setup of onboard components, including alignment checks.

  • Regular docking service

    Ideal spare parts selection informed by the vessel’s history.

    Exceptional quality from original equipment manufacturers.

    Readily available spare parts with expedited shipping options.

    Uniform service reporting across the globe.

  • Vessel operation service

    Maintenance and operational assessments for every component.

    Expert guidance, troubleshooting, and enhancement of systems.

    Consistent provision of service updates.

  • Spare parts

    Spare parts are available at our warehouse in Gothenburg and can also be ordered on short notice from our central warehouse in Hamburg, Germany, in addition to SKF Marine’s GmbH other warehouses in Singapore and Shanghai.

    Rapid manufacturing of spare parts: We can replicate 98% of previously supplied parts quickly.

    Accelerated shipping due to airport security pre-clearance.

    Continuous quality assurance and product development.

    Custom-made tools designed specifically for installing spare parts.

  • Emergency service

    Around-the-clock technical support hotline.

    Support for urgent service needs.

    Unmatched access to standard components and spare parts.

    Enhanced capabilities for express manufacturing.

    Submerged equipment repair services.