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We Are Sales And Service Agent For SKF-Marine GmbH In Sweden Since 2007.

With years of experience and wide knowledge of shaft components, stabilizing systems and bilge water separators we provide our customers with on-location service and after sales.

Applying Innovative Thinking And Expertise To Critical Marine Machinery.

Rough sea conditions, rising costs in a competitive market, increasing environmental and safety regulations as well as technical knowledge gaps caused by reduced crew numbers, are just some of the challenges faced by the Marine industry today.

For over 70 years we have applied innovative thinking and expertise to critical marine machinery, to help cut operating costs while helping operators meet the challenges of reduced environmental impact.

SKF Marine is a specialized provider of products and mechanical services for propulsion shafts and sterntubes. The Simplex shaft components, including sterntube seals, intermediate shaft bearings, thrust bearings as well as complete sterntube solutions and accessories, have set the standard in the market for years.

In addition to shaft components SKF Marine develops, produces and sells stabilizers, couplings, lubrication systems, condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance solutions, bilge water separators, environmental monitoring systems as well as special services.



Simplex sterntube seal. The world’s first lip seal for oil-lubricated sterntubes

Still in use today and replacement parts still available

Simplex white metal sterntube bearing for oil-lubricated sterntubes. Simplex pedestal bearing: plummerblock and tunnel bearing


Simplex thrust bearing


Simplex rudder stock seal

Simplex SC-1 seal for oil-lubricated sterntubes


Simplex high load thrust bearing


Simplex white metal sterntube bearing with active hydrostatics


Simplex SC-1 seal for water-lubricated sterntubes


Simplex SC-2 seal, new generation of SC-1 seal


Simplex Airspace non-pollution seal


Simplan mechanical face seal for water-lubricated sterntubes


Launch of new sealing ring material FKM POD for all Simplex seal types to facilitate use with sensitive oils, such as hydraulic oil, and biodegradable oils (EALs)


Simplex FlexiTube complete sterntube solution


Simplex SC-3 seal, new generation of SC-2 seal

Simplex SternTube complete sterntube solution


Simplex Net protector

September 2016

New design intermediate shaft bearing


Simplex BlueRun water-lubricated sterntube solutions

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