Reliable sealing solutions

We are a leading provider of marine solutions, specializing in a broad range of products including sterntube and bulkhead seals, net protection, and hydraulic seals for propeller hubs.

Our offerings also encompass axial and radial shaft seals, static seals, and advanced sterntube solutions like FlexiTube and SternTube. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we ensure quick and efficient global service, supporting the needs of both small and large shipping companies to enhance their operational uptime and efficiency.

  • Simplex sterntube seals

    Enhanced protection leads to superior performance. Our extensive selection of sterntube seals encompasses bearings, seals, and brushes, offering complete, ready-to-use solutions.

  • Simplex bulkhead seals

    Our self-lubricating bulkhead seal solutions are specifically designed for offshore supply vessels, accommodating long rotating shafts and numerous bulkhead openings for enhanced durability and efficiency.

  • Simplex net protection solutions

    Protection for the aft seal. Solutions engineered to work solo or together to shield the aft seal from entanglement with fishing nets or lines.

  • Simplex cutter & pump gear seals

    Quickly available, dependable, and secure technology. Custom-tailored lip, face, and combined seals designed to protect the machine rooms of cutter suction dredgers effectively.

Simplex and SKF seals

We provide advanced sealing solutions for the marine and industrial sectors. Our durable shaft and bulkhead seals enhance efficiency and protect machinery, known for their reliability in harsh environments, ensuring equipment safety and longevity.

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  • Simplex oil dryer

    Eliminate excess water, lower the water content, and ensure active lubrication oil circulation. Water gets vaporized, isolated, and expelled automatically.

  • Active circulation

    Ongoing circulation and renewal of oil. Move contaminants in the oil from the aft seal to the aft seal tank for additional lubrication oil upkeep.

Simplex Sterntube seal accessories

Simplex Sterntube seal accessories enhance the performance and reliability of sealing systems. These include circulation units, oil dryers, and advanced tools, designed to optimize sterntube functionality, reduce maintenance, and extend the lifespan of marine equipment.

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  • Simplex BlueRun sterntube solutions

    To meet strict environmental standards. Sterntube systems lubricated with water, featuring polymer bushes, for use in maritime settings.

  • Intermediate shaft bearings

    Improved performance in compact shell bearings. Short, plain bearings enhanced with a technically sophisticated process for bonding bearing metal to shell, ensuring accurate alignment.

  • Simplex High-load thrust bearings

    Optimal durability, steadiness, and performance. Bearings with a single collar engineered to handle the thrust loads generated by a ship’s propeller.

  • Simplex FlexiTube and SternTube

    Advanced technology for swift setup. This all-in-one solution comes with sterntube bushes, exclusive sealing kits, and expert-led installation achievable within eight hours.

  • Simplex Sterntube bushes

    Unmatched quality, longevity, and dependability. Constructed from ductile cast iron and tin-based white metal (GGG-40), featuring intercrystalline bonding for unparalleled durability.

Simplex shaft line bearings and sterntube solutions

Simplex shaft line bearings and sterntube solutions offer superior support and alignment for marine propulsion systems. These products ensure smooth operation, minimize wear, and enhance the efficiency of vessels by providing reliable and long-lasting performance under harsh maritime conditions.

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