Robust sealing performance
For most machinery, even small oil leaks can be a big problem. Today’s increasingly aggressive lubricants can threaten seal performance, damaging vital equipment which can lead to unplanned maintenance.

With the right seals you can reduce friction, retain lubricity and keep contaminants out of the system. Simplex and SKF seals are available in a range of designs, sizes and materials and can be delivered around the globe, fast. SKF Marine helps identify the right seal for each individual application and all our products and solutions are designed to give you cost-effective, reliable sealing performance. 

Simplex and SKF seals

Simplex sterntube seals

Better protection, better performance. Comprehensive range of sterntube seals includes bearings, seals and brushes as complete turnkey solutions.

Simplex bulkhead seals

Self-lubricating bulkhead seal solutions. Self-lubricating bulkhead seal solutions for rotating shafts, designed for offshore supply vessels with long shafts and multiple bulkhead openings.

Simplex net protection solutions

Aft seal protection. Protector solutions designed to be used individually or in combination for protecting the aft seal from fishing nets or lines.

Simplex cutter and pump gear bulkhead seals

Fast availability, reliable, safe technology. Lip and face type seals, as well as combined seals, customized to your needs to safeguard the cutter suction dredger’s machine rooms.

Simplex Sterntube seal accessories

Simplex Oil dryer

Remove unwanted water. Reduce water content and provide an active lube oil circulation. Water is vaporized, separated and discharged automatically.

Simplex Active circulation unit

Continuous oil circulation and refreshment. Transfer contaminants in the oil from the aft seal to the aft seal tank for further lube oil maintenance.

Simplex shaft line bearings and sterntube solutions

Simplex BlueRun sterntube solutions

For stringent environmental requirements. Water-lubricated sterntube systems, including polymer bushes, for marine applications.

Simplex Intermediate shaft bearings

Better performing short shell bearings. Short, plain bearings optimized with technically advanced bonding of the bearing metal and shell for precise alignment.

Simplex High-load thrust bearings

Maximum strength, stability and efficiency. Single-collar bearings designed to withstand the thrust loads produced by a ship’s propeller.

Simplex FlexiTube and SternTube

Precision technology for rapid installation. A complete package, including sterntube bushes, patented sealing packages and supervised installation in less than eight hours.

Simplex Sterntube bushes

Superior quality, durability and reliability. Made of nodular cast-iron/tin-based white metal (GGG-40) with intercrystalline bonding for maximum durability.

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